Live Happy. Live Now.

Finally, a soul stretching academy just for women.

Discover how to be your true authentic self so you can live a more happy and contented life...
Free from stress, anxiety, anger and overwhelming emotions. 
It's your time to heal.

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What is The Mindful Soul Academy?

Well, it's quite simple, it's a one stop safe space for women to learn how to mindfully manage their emotions so that they can live a more happy and calm life.

We often get so caught up with our day to day issues with our family, children, work, our past, present and future that we lose ourselves.

We become a shell and just operate on auto pilot every day, just so we can get from waking up to sleeping because numbing is much easier than dealing with the pain, right?

Not quite! It's time to heal ladies. It's time to take your power back and start to live again because you deserve it.

Healing Your Past Doesn't Have To Be A Lonely Journey
(or Cost a Ton of Money!)

The Mindful Soul Academy is a safe and supportive place for women to kick start their healing journey from their past pains. There are courses that will give you the step by step training, guidance and accountability to really get on top of your life once more.

You’re going to be lovingly pushed forward so you can really begin your joy ride to a happier, present and content life.

What Others Have To Say

Watching Suraya's interview of Amy Louise Cash on "Why we need to begin with self love" was quite an eye opening experience not because I was not familiar with the concepts discussed but more so because I didn't have validation for the way I chose to love myself first.

For me, this interview was all the validation I needed as I have been judged, countless times, by so-called "near and dear" ones for putting myself first, they made me feel guilty for choosing my self-respect over pleasing them. Two major "Aha" moments in the interview were these: Setting boundaries - we all talk of setting boundaries with friends/family but no one talks of setting boundaries for ourselves on what is acceptable to us and what is not acceptable to us.

The other "Aha" moment is when Amy talks about the simple technique to determine whether you are doing something out of your own free will or whether you are people pleasing. Bottom line - how does it make you feel? Absolutely fantastic interview, a must-watch for those who struggle to stand up for themselves and get sucked into people pleasing because they are too afraid to disappoint others or even be disliked by others.

- Kalyani

Working with Suraya has enabled me to discover the memories and thoughts associated with stuck and upsetting feelings. I was amazed that just by saying certain words and being verbal with whatever was coming up I accessed memories I didn't even know were connected to how I was feeling. It was so eye opening! I've tried the process on issues that I didn't understand how to navigate or where they were coming from and I'm now aware of the beliefs they're associated with and how its those thoughts that are keeping me stuck. It's nice to finally put reasons behind why I've been feeling this way. Now I feel as if I can begin to tackle it -because I know what I'm fighting! There's nothing worse than fighting a battle in the dark and I feel as if this process has been able to open my eyes to exactly what's going on in my subconscious. I had no idea it could be so easy to access and release my pain! It's amazing how much we don't allow ourselves to feel! Thank you for sharing this process!

- Melanie

You all must listen to this talk with Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins. Ameenah gives a lot of insight into how to find and use your gift. And sometimes you find you have more than one gift, but not all fulfil you the same way. Learn how to find the one that does & how to go about making the most of it. I definitely learnt some great points .

- Suz




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